Tuesday, April 30, 2013


  I really like these letters; I'm kinda into typography and I adore maps.  I would love to have big maps up when we get a house.  Perhaps in a hallway on thin cork so that we could place pins in it.
We travel quite a bit since Jason's family is so spread out.  We've been to all our nieces and nephews high school graduations and one college graduation.  I'm hoping we'll be able to go to the next college graduation but our finances aren't all that great and I just realized we have a high school graduation next year as well.

We are trying to plan a big vacation for 2015 that would include family and possibly friends.  We're going to go to South Dakota for Sturgis!  It's the 75th anniversary so hopefully there will be lots of cool things going on.  I'm toying with the idea of putting together a slide show or presentation of some sort that will give people an idea of what's in the area as well as travel arrangements, dates and costs.  I figure the longer in advance people have notice the better they will be able to save for the trip.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


So of course since I'm a big ol' joiner I'm on pinterest.  I had been avoiding it because I didn't want to become obsessed.  The more I think about it though, it's really perfect for me. I'm big on favorites links and this is just another way of organizing it but visually - you know, with pictures!  It's also easier to view than a list of links.

The only problem I've discovered is that you can't put your boards into other boards. I really like to have things very organized on my computer so normally I'd have a folder titled Travel with my various travel plans inside, but you can't do that on pintrest so instead I have boards titled Travel-Montana Summer 2013, Travel-New York Summer 2014, and so on.

Anyways, the whole reason I'm making this post is that I tried to pin something the other day and it wouldn't let me because it said the pin was linked to spam or some such thing.  I figured I'd just save the picture to my computer and then pin it from there but then realized I couldn't do that, I also can't pin from facebook which is where I would normally put a picture.  Then my "aha!" lightbulb went off and I remembered I could put the picture on my blog.

Okay, that took awhile to figure out but I've got it up now.  Anyways, I love these in wall storage ideas.  I was thinking that one this size would be perfect in a hallway for linen storage.  We lived in my grandparents home for a year and there was very little storage space.  Something like this in the hallway would've been super great for linen storage.  Oooh, I just had an idea!  This would be awesome in a family room for game storage!  It would work really well at my mom's house on the wall that adjoins the garage.  It would be a little different because it would extend into the garage but it would be nice unobtrusive storage.