Sunday, March 31, 2013


I hate having to sign in to make comments on blogs, so I usually don't do it.  But today I found myself wanting to connect with someone and I decided to bite the bullet and just sign in.  Then I realized I hadn't written on this blog in over a year.  Oh well, it's not like anyone reads this.  In fact I just saw a timeline with how often my blog has been viewed and the high point was 1.

I think I might occasionally start blogging again, especially since I am wanting to do a little homeschool preschool with my little guy.  His name is Jeffrey, I don't get all these bloggers who don't name their children in their posts and instead give them cutesy nicknames.  Seriously you are showing us their faces in photographs and if someone really wanted to stalk you they would already be doing it.  It's like these idiot women I was reading about a few years ago who were worried about kidnappers and child molesters and someone pointed out that these same women have bumper stickers proclaiming their kid's star student status and those little stick people on their back windows.

Also I might blog about travelling with Jeff Jeff.  We love to travel and mostly do road trips and it was hard to find good resources about travelling in a car for an extended period with a little one.  We're planning a trip this summer in which one of the main things we'll be doing is travelling all over the state of Montana.  We'll be going to Glacier National Park (driving in from North East Washigton) and then, well that's as far as I've gotten in the planning.  Not quite sure where we'll go after that but I know we want to drive to eastern Montana and then south to visit Little Bighorn.  I've toyed with the idea of then driving south through Wyoming at that point but I'm not sold on that idea.

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