Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jeffrey's Sixth Birthday Party

Jeffrey settled upon an Octonauts theme for his birthday party.  Of course I turned to Pinterest to help me with ideas. 

For colors I was lucky enough to find the colors used for the show blue (R5 G89 B135) and orange (R253 G122 B31) and the font ROSEWOOD STD (which is upper case only).  We went with Orange, Bermuda Blue, and Fresh Lime for our paper goods.  I actually had some orange stuff still in my party bag from Jeffrey's second birthday party.

For food we did sea snails (pigs in a blanket), blowholes (mini donuts), baby carrots, octojelly (layered blue and green jello), fish biscuits (goldfish), seaweed (sour punch straws), peanut butter and jelly(fish) sandwiches and driftwood (pretzel sticks). 

Drinks were salt free ocean water (water), Barrot's Bubbles (soda) and Peso's Punch (capri suns).  For dessert we had pink frosted cupcakes a la Professor Inkling.
Emma (the littlest, cutest, niece-y) put together some cute snacks marshmallows and pretzel rods dipped in blue candy melts with a goldfish added, the marshmallows were also dipped in crushed graham cracker.  Those were really popular and I wish I had had her make more. 

To add atmosphere we used a role of blue tablecloth to cover things up, streamers and these adorable jellyfish made from shower caps (8 for $1 at Dollar Tree!); Jason was wondering if it was enough and one guest commented "I've been transported under the sea".  I printed out pictures from Octonauts and hung them up around the house, including signs for the head (bathroom).

For activities I had out some ocean themed books and sensory bins.  Bin #1 was blue water beads with our In The Water Toob, Bin #2 was green aquarium gravel with seashells, Bin #3 was green and blue flat glass gems with ocean animals.  All our ride on toys were out, a little slide and the kids loved playing in our dirt pit.

Favor bags were plain paper bags that had explore, rescue or protect written on them.  Inside we tried to have a favor from each member of the crew, but it didn't quite work out.  We had plastic syringes (Peso), Pufferfish punchballs (Inkling), gold coins (Kwazii), coloring page (Barnacles), sea creature expanding sponges (Dashi - we were going to do stamps or stickers but couldn't find ones we liked), magnifying glass (Shellington) and goldfish (Tunip).  We were going to do mini notebooks for Tweak's Octopad but ended up not finding them at the right price.  I bought everything locally at Boswells or Dollar Tree.  At the last minute I spotted the whale baby bathtub in the garage and piled all the favor bags into it.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, I know our family was happy but tired when all the guests trickled out.

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