Friday, March 21, 2008

I don't think anyone reads this

I mean, it's just me talking away infrequently. I don't have anything cute or witty or funny to say. It really is a random mess. So, if no one reads this how am I to become famous? See, that's one of my little secret things. I want to write a blog where no one knows it's me and have it be famous. People would read my blog and make comments and talk about it. Then maybe one day I'd overhear some people talking about my blog or someone would tell me about how cool my own blog is without even knowing I write it! Dude!

I haven't even told people about my blog. I want it to be secretive, no not the blog itself, just secretive about who writes it. But how do I do that? Send out e-mails telling people about the cool blogs I read and have this be one of them? That's not going to work, they'll see how new it is and just assume I write it. Self-promotion sucks. I mean sometimes you have to self-promote or no one knows you're there, I just wish that it didn't apply to my blog.

I told my husband that I have a blog, but I wouldn't tell him where it was. I want him to find it on his own and somehow just realize it's mine. Besides, I might want to write nasty things about the people I know on here and it just wouldn't be cool if they knew I wrote it. Then they'd write nasty things about me on their blogs. But I don't personally know anyone who writes a blog so then again it might not be a problem. I wouldn't use people's real names. I would never write anything nasty or mean about my husband. Other family members, well . . . they wouldn't know, after all, it's not like I used their real names or anything. Besides, a lot of people in my family are named after each other, I could just say I was talking about the other Kathy or something.

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