Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Pintrest pictures

Here I am again posting pictures on my blog for pintrest, stupidly I forgot to save the links to give credit for the original originator of the idea for the nail polish and workbench.

This here is a beer fridge under a wine rack.  I don't know that we'll need wine rack storage but we could really use something like that for Jason's beer.  Perhaps a wine fridge would be good so we could put some of the larger beers in it as well, guess it would just depend on what we end up getting.  I really love refridgerated drawers like that though, always wanted to have one in my bedroom for pepsi and hiding the "good" ice cream in.

Stupid blog ate my picture!  Dang you auto save.  It was a crib with a tension rod between it and the wall creating about a 2 foot space for kids to have a cozy reading nook.

 These are marshmallows dipped in frosting with tootsie rolls on top - cute for a spa party or party for your little girl.

Workbench made from a nightstand.
This is a woman's shirt with ribbon and patches.  It also has velcro instead of buttons.  There is an iron-on ribbon similar to this that is about $8.  I'm thinking that or some duct tape would be fine.

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