Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Count to Twelve!

First, I did not come up with this concept, it came from the website, they focus on teaching English as a foreign language, mostly in Japan.  Anyways, I had been thinking about teaching a little class on numbers for my moms group when I stumbled upon this idea:

1 -----> 12 -----> 31 -----> 60

Teach numbers 1-12
  • Each of these numbers has it's own unique name.  
  • This might also be a good time to start referencing the time since you now have all the hours of the day memorized.
Teach numbers 13-31
  • These numbers now begin to follow a set pattern (teens, twenties, thirties, etc).
  • This number range allows you to "sneak" in some calendar time by pointing out that no month has more than 31 days.
Teach numbers 32-60
  • Now you can count to 60 which is the number of minutes in an hour.
Teach numbers 61-100
  • I haven't gotten this far with Jeffrey, but I think the next set I would do is 100.  That is how many pennies are in a dollar and it will naturally lead into more in depth discussions on fractions and percentages.

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