Sunday, August 24, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

What was with the outfits of the men singing the England national anthem? Grey with yellow?

Okay, the mayor of London, could he look any less posh? He needed his hair brushed, his jacket buttoned, and a little more practice about what his role was here.

Loved the double decker bus, but seriously if Mary hadn't told us it was the London skyline we wouldn't have known because it was so dark and it appeared military-esque. Also, if they were going to use people in wheelchairs it would've been nice if they actually needed them instead of using them as props.

It's a little sad when the flame has been extinguished, but it lives on in memories that float on lucky cloud strips to the sky.

And who knew Jackie Chan sang? And that there is such a thing as fireworks artists?

NBC seems to be confused, they think we want to see all of the singing but none of the actual people. Why didn't they show more of the Flag Bearers, I like learning about the people. Maybe the people who decided this were the same people who thought we wanted to see all of the women's and the men's marathon? I wish the mascots had a bigger role too, I love the mascots! Although we did get a shot of the green panda one, that's Jason's favorite.

Why are there all these old men performers with pretty young women? Opera boring! Just not fitting with the whole "party theme".

I loved the Opening Ceremonies, but the Closing just didn't have the same feelings, I was left going, why are they doing this, showing this, seems that it dragged out with fewer "wow" moments. That could also be due to NBC's coverage though, I get an NBC channel OKOR that's broadcast in Chinese I believe, they featured much more of the Olympians celebrating and meeting up.

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