Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

Here are my, of course, random thoughts on the Opening Ceremonies.

Loved the firework footprints, that was so awesome! Thought the inclusion of children representing the ethnic groups of China was important. When the light up guys made the National Stadium it was neat, but when they zoomed in and you could tell that they were standing on each other's shoulders, just wow!

The Parade of Nations-I hate NBC's failure to show all the countries. Early on in the parade they mention that for most of these athletes this is their best or only Olympic moment and they go on to mention that one country said please show us don't cut to commercial, yet they continue to skip and hurry through countries. Maybe they should just skip their half an hour of commentary at the beginning of their broadcast and show us all of the countries. By the way, what was up with the outfits of Hungary's women! They looked like someone threw up all over them, sorry ladies but they did you wrong. El Salvador picked their flag bearer by a text messaging vote!

Why are we focusing so much on NBA basketball players! Please there are other athletes out there just as deserving of our attention. Could we focus on the hard work and dedication it took for people to get there instead of who plays on what NBA team?

I thought the inclusion of a child hero from the earthquake was touching. Loved the torch lighting, very different and unique!

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