Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love my DVR!

I got a DVR with my u-verse (cable and internet) service from AT&T, it's built in to the cable box. Initially I wasn't that excited, but I can tape up to 4 shows at once, which I thought I would never use, but I underestimated the amount of Olympics coverage NBC was showing. I've been able to record the shows that are on in the middle of the night and then watch them the next day. (No, despite the fact that I just moved a week and a half ago I have nothing better to do. Why would I unpack boxes when I could watch the Olympics?) I've been able to see all sorts of coverage, Rowing, Badminton, Cycling, an awesome Volleyball match between China and Cuba. Plus there's still more Olympics to come, a whole 10 more days!

So, I'm very happy with my DVR/cable box. Don't ask about my phone service with AT&T though, that's a complete disaster.

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